Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

by Guns Of Parlophone

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released May 6, 2011

Written and performed by Guns Of Parlophone.
Recorded and mixed at The House That Guns Built.
Artwork by Jamie Anderson (jamieandersonis@hotmail.co.uk)




Guns Of Parlophone Glasgow

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Track Name: Intro
Forget last lights,
give me last rites.
Let them flood in.
Let it begin.

Here lies Guns Of Parlophone.
Track Name: Hong Like Kong
Olivier and Charles,
September 1983:
landed in Hong Kong with things to reveal.
Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Ringo Lam.
Their findings were great,
they hooked themselves to the land.

All went well,
all meant well,
but good intentions get shot to hell.

September '84: France declined to care.
Poor Olivier and Charles and their Hong Kong affair.
Track Name: Tunnels Are The Nostrils Of The Road
So the sunroof jammed a quarter of the way,
and the AC hit the fritz.
It's turning cold and the engine's had its day.
Doesn't something seem amiss?

I taint car crash hearts - "you do".
(But) I don't love car crashes,
I've got something to prove.
"You fucking prude".
She looked at me like I didn't had something to prove. I never did it just to have something to do - come on, I have a little more sense than that.

You tried to jump out the sunroof.
We couldn't take the signs.
You said we'd take the road for ourselves,
but we couldn't find the reasons why.
First road out of this town?
I hope it sneezes me out.

Odder things have been told (than)
"tunnels are the nostrils of the road".
Track Name: You Are Fucking Mountain
Zhangjiajie is near but home is nowhere here.
Angel Island is near but 12 is never coming back.
Cheyenne Mountain is near but home is nowhere here.
The Wraith are very near but The Goauld are never coming back.

You are a fucking mountain.

You will never climb again.
You have lost all of your charm.
I'll take you to this ledge.
I'll break off both of your arms.

12 is never coming back?
Break off his fucking arms.
Track Name: Weekend On A Tuesday
I wake up everyday,
and I let out a sigh,
like I would love to party,
but just don't have the time.
So today,
I just won't give a shit.
When I get to work,
they're gonna notice it.

Weekend on a Tuesday.

Brought all my favorite records,
and I'm ready to dance.
I brought a BBQ.
Fuck your floor plans.
I excel at the party,
so look-out for the word:
here to make a Powerpoint with my Microsoft cock.

(You're fired.)
No, I'm not.
I wanna party everyday til I rot.
Track Name: Throatslitter
What did you do this week?
(I) threw away my only beliefs.
Words became nothing but steam,
and now I'm off the wagon.

Never believe in anything because,
you're only going to throw it away.
Without fail,
all our heroes (end up) drunk underneath pub tables.

Ambulance chaser.
Bandwagon jumper.
Headed for the chamber.
One of the wasters.

Your face is a lie.
Your sex is a lie.
Your voice is a lie.
Your friends are a lie.
Sobriety is a lie.
Your politics are a lie.
Your fucking band is a lie.
Your fucking life is a lie.
This entire song is a lie.

All I ever wished for was to keep my PMA.
Now I'm feeling sad in these dark days.